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Why Massage?

A growing number of men and women have found therapeutic massage to be a valuable addition to their health and fitness routines, and an effective compliment to other health care services.

Many people seek therapeutic massage as a natural means to promote healthy bodily functioning and to relieve tension and stiffness.

Massage soothes the nervous system, relieves aching muscles and joints, increases your freedom of movement, enhances the body’s own restorative powers, and helps you achieve a more balanced posture.

More specifically, massage increases circulation, which in turn boosts the flow of energy-producing nutrients to your cells, and speeds up the elimination of waste products that can make you feel achy or listless. As well, it boosts your immune system by relieving stress and increasing lymph flow, making you less vulnerable to illness.

The safe, comforting touch of massage can help restore and valance the body, providing physical relief, mental relief, healthy pleasure and relaxation.